PetPromise Virtual Rescue Run

Columbus, OH

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Top Individuals

Sheila CLEMENTS $2,257.67
Dawn and Monroe $1,360.94
Lizz Comer $718.10
Mandi Moore $672.43
Amanda Moore $566.92
Angela Christianson $533.19
amybull $440.20
Richa Saxena $278.19
Ellie Rogers $257.89 $198.73

Top Teams

Meow $213.09
Team Poodle $209.04


I've been doing the PetPromise Rescue Run since 2009 and this is my favourite run of the year! It's such a good organization and a fun time. Please consider joining me in the race or donating to my teams fundraiser!

Team Members

Name Goal Amount Raised
Taryn Conley $0.00 $0.00

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Anonymous $213.09