PetPromise Virtual Rescue Run

Columbus, OH

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Sheila CLEMENTS $2,257.67
Dawn and Monroe $1,360.94
Lizz Comer $718.10
Mandi Moore $672.43
Amanda Moore $566.92
Angela Christianson $533.19
amybull $440.20
Richa Saxena $278.19
Ellie Rogers $257.89 $198.73

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Meow $213.09
Team Poodle $209.04


I will be walking a 10k in support of the PetPromise 20th Rescue Run! 

For the past 20 years, PetPromise has been celebrating pets and our connection to the furry family members in our lives, by hosting the Rescue Run, a 5k event in downtown Columbus. 

This year, the 20th year, is marked not only by the longivity and tradition of this event, but now, with the Covid-19 pandemic, it will be unique in that it will be a "virtual" event. 

Everyone across the world is experiencing new challenges. We are all having to be creative about how we live and how we overcome challenges. PetPromise is no different. 
And, now more than ever, many of us are realizing how our connections to our pets enhances our lives, and the importance of their place in our families has been highlighted tremendously as we stay at home. 

For 20 years, PetPromise has been saving lives and celebrating the beauty pets bring to us. 
Please consider donating to my fundraising page, and help PetPromise continue this important work. They need our support just as much now, if not more so. Every dollar helps. No donation is too small. 


My Contributors

Dennis Woodring $53.51
Mary Woodring $26.91
Dennis Woodring $26.91
Jerri Brodeur $26.91
Michael Pendley $106.70
Kelly Cavanagh $53.51
Kathryn Held $21.60
Sarah Castle $21.60
Darci Swan $21.60
Amanda Moore $21.81
Lori Benz $32.23
Catherine Donofrio $26.91