PetPromise Virtual Rescue Run

Columbus, OH

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Sheila CLEMENTS $2,257.67
Dawn and Monroe $1,360.94
Lizz Comer $718.10
Mandi Moore $672.43
Amanda Moore $566.92
Angela Christianson $533.19
amybull $440.20
Richa Saxena $278.19
Ellie Rogers $257.89 $198.73

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Meow $213.09
Team Poodle $209.04

20 Years of Promises Kept


Although my bold goal is $2,020, in view of our financial need, I figured I'd sweeten the pot with a pledge of my own. If I reach $1,000 in funds raised, I will get a buzzcut similar to this one:

Woman with buzzcut haircut

If only the haircut would trim off the wrinkles and total body fat (sigh), but I'll gladly settle for $1,000 towards my life's work.

Hello, generous friend!

Over the last 19 years, PetPromise has become part of my heart and soul. Most of my furkids have been adoptees or foster fails (oops) from PetPromise. My fellow board members and longtime volunteers are like family.

For the last few years, we've incurred almost $150,000 annually in veterinary expenses. We rely on donations and fundraising to cover those hefty bills. Without income, we can't continue to save hundreds of lives each year.

PetPromise needs YOU to come to the rescue for our... um, rescue... so that we can... er, rescue... homeless pets. We also provide trap-neuter-return services for community cats and run a pet food pantry for pet parents who have fallen on hard times.

Your donations allow us to keep our promise to the animals. Please donate to my fundraising campaign today and be a part of something bigger than yourself. Be a hero for the animals.

Thank you,


My Contributors

Cynthia Huddle $266.28
Luke & Lynnea Soposki $21.60
Michelle Scobee $53.51
Jennifer Thomas $26.91
Richa Saxena $21.60
Melissa Higgins $26.91
Jennifer Coopet $21.60
Victoria McConnell-Paul $106.70
Anonymous $21.81