PetPromise Virtual Rescue Run

Columbus, OH

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Top Individuals

Sheila CLEMENTS $2,257.67
Dawn and Monroe $1,360.94
Lizz Comer $718.10
Mandi Moore $672.43
Amanda Moore $566.92
Angela Christianson $533.19
amybull $440.20
Richa Saxena $278.19
Ellie Rogers $257.89 $198.73

Top Teams

Meow $213.09
Team Poodle $209.04

Richa Saxena



Its time for the PetPromise Rescue Run 2020!!

This is PetPromise's largest fundraiser of the year and we need your support to make this bigger than last year.


PetPromise provides Food, Shelter, and Vet Care to cats and dogs in need. With your continued  support, we can continue to help more cats and dogs in 2020!

Donate whatever you can and know that you played an essential part in helping the homeless cats and dogs of Central Ohio.



Richa and Bailey


My Contributors

Scott Cummins $53.51
Eric Bonnett $106.70
Dan Bolton $42.87
Joel Scott Haney $21.60
Richa Saxena $53.51