PetPromise Virtual Rescue Run

Columbus, OH

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Angela Christianson $1,197.17
DawnandMonroe $1,124.99
Sheila Clements $557.97
Lizz Comer $544.45
Melissa Kumar $503.51
Janice Pierpoint $469.36
Ryan $427.44
Team George $390.96
Mandi Moore $313.40
Shannon Blair $270.60

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This year we haven't been fostering, but still like to try and help where we can for this amazing rescue! Every donation goes towards the animals in need because it is 100% volunteers donating their time and energy to rescue! We've met so many wonderful people over these last couple years of volunteering for them! We hope to help them this year by raising lots money for them! Thank you to all the wonderful families we have met over the years who have adopted these sweeties from our foster home! A huge thank you in advance to anyone who can spare a couple dollars to donate for the future of those dogs and cats that need a second chance. We love you all!! 



My Contributors

Susan Penn $106.70
Kathleen Masters $106.70
Amy Foust $100.00
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