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Columbus, OH

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Sheila CLEMENTS $2,257.67
Dawn and Monroe $1,360.94
Lizz Comer $718.10
Mandi Moore $672.43
Amanda Moore $566.92
Angela Christianson $533.19
amybull $440.20
Richa Saxena $278.19
Ellie Rogers $257.89 $198.73

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Meow $213.09
Team Poodle $209.04

Dawn and Monroe

Hi Everyone! 

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! You know PetPromise and saving animals are two of my biggest passions! I am so grateful that Monroe was my very first foster and was saved because of the supporters of PetPromise. I LOVE having fosters pups and kitties in my home and finding them their perfect family! 

The need for saving animals doesn't stop in this crazy world right now either! They still need us! 

For the last few years, we've incurred almost $150,000 annually in veterinary expenses. We rely on donations and fundraising to cover vet bills. Without income, we can't continue to save hundreds of lives each year.

PetPromise needs YOU to come to the rescue so that we can continue to rescue homeless pets. We also provide trap-neuter-return services for community cats and run a pet food pantry for pet parents who have fallen on hard times.

Your donations allow us to keep our promise to the animals. Please donate to my fundraising campaign today and be a part of something bigger than yourself. Be a hero for the animals.

Stay Safe and Healthy! 

Thank you so much! 

Dawn and Monroe 

My Contributors

Tessa Tweedlie $213.09
Rebecca Scritchfield $106.70
Daneen Wright $26.91
Angela Barone $26.91
Christina Rademacher $21.60
Holly Layman $42.87
Connie Louden $21.60
Stephen Dudley $26.91
Shannon Adkins $10.96
Pamela Manning $26.91
Jesse Hodge $32.23
Mikaela Hale $10.96
Melanie Napolitan $21.60
Christina Cristea $106.70
Kathleen and Bria Abrass $26.91
Tifanie Rose $10.96
Katy Scritchfield $21.60
Megan Doon $10.96
Jeffrey Evanoff $21.60
Katie Hensley $10.96
Lori Barton $10.96
April Martin-Frederick $32.23
Theresa Mcglynn $26.91
Anthoney Molnar $159.89
Lori Barton $26.91
Anonymous $16.28
Cindy Duncan $26.91
Susan Scritchfield $26.91
Amy Simpson $21.60
Lori Wolfe $106.70