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Columbus, OH

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Dawn Marsh $1,464.58
Sheila Clements $1,358.78
Lizz Comer $830.56
amandakaye555 $629.03
Tanya Kuehn $588.29
Barbara McCrina $561.15
Angela Christianson $438.72
Heather Strange $407.10
Dee Dee Eagle $399.89
Mandi Moore $368.94

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2018 Sheila Clements' PetPromise Fundraising Page

Indvidiual Fundraiser


Greetings Friends, Family, Adopters, and All You Animal Lovers Out There!

My name Sheila Clements and I am a PetPromise volunteer. I have been a PetPromise volunteer for going on  5 years and have loved every minute of it! Along with my partner in crime, David Queen, we’ve been involved in several of the awesome PetPromise programs. For example, we make deliveries for the PetPromise Pet Food Pantry, which allows us to help those without means feed their pets, which helps keep these animimals with their fur-ever families. David and I also foster cats! We’ve helped 10 amazing kitties find their fur-ever homes so far and counting! We also volunteer for the PetPromise Rescue Run every year, which is our biggest fundraising event held every Memorial Day weekend. David and I have a lot of fun and feel all our time and effort makes a big difference in the lives of animals in Central Ohio and beyond. So….Here’s where you come in! We are a volunteer-based organization and your donations help us continue our work! Listed below is what our donors helped support in 2017!

2017 Cat Adoptions: 395

2017 Dog Adoptions: 128

Total Vet Costs: $100,000


If you’d like to help us save even more animals in 2018, then please consider making a small donation to PetPromise! My goal this year is $1500, so every little bit gets me one step closer to my goal and ultimately, helping a lot of cats and dogs in Central Ohio.


Thanks in advance for your generosity and support! I really appreciate you helping meow-t! :-)


Paws-itively Yours,


Sheila Clements and of course...David Queen


My Contributors

Lori Madden $26.91
Mark Hickman $26.91
Brooke Wright $16.28
Zachary Hans $48.19
Allyson Clements $26.91
Emily Godfrey $10.96
Jim & Suzanne C $53.51
Scioto Valley Coffee Scioto Valley Coffee $26.91
Anonymous $10.96
sara bennett $10.96
Anonymous $21.60
Lisa & Matt Blackcampbells $26.91
Jill Doyle $26.91
TC Sferra $26.91
Ashley Merritt $26.91
Joseph Campbell $10.96
Paul & Roger Gabbard-Spence $53.51
Brandon Collier $26.91
Malinda Jasper $21.60
In Honor of my Mother Janis Mae $58.83
Katie Tennant $26.91
Dana Hamilton $26.91
Tracy Splawnyk $106.70
Lindsay Sanzenbacher $53.51
Ron Newman $26.91
Anonymous $32.23
Jannette Fausnaugh $53.51
Angie Osborn $21.60
Ted & Amanda Clements $53.51
Charles Clements $21.60
Sheila Clements $26.91
Name Undisclosed $26.91
Kim Burdett $42.87
Name Undisclosed $53.51
Damon Williams $80.11
Carmen Tarbill $21.60
Beth Niemi $26.91
Anonymous $26.91
Jennifer Farmer $21.60
Teresa Berger $26.91
Buckeye and Dolly Combs $21.60